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A Girl with a good sense of style, an attitude, and a professional photographer. Yes, that’s me. I am a pahadi girl living in Bangalore who came here to look if there's anyone here who deserves to be with me because I am hell of a Bangalore call girls.

I am not a simple girl according to society who needs to sit properly, to speak nicely and to wear clothes normally. You can say that I am the total opposite and I am proud to be a Bangalore call girls.

I was used to be a tomboy. When I was a kid I would love to play with boys compared to girls. You can say that I was more comfortable with boys then being with girls. I never had too many girlfriends. I was always surrounded by boys like you can say that I have more clients compared to any other Bangalore call girls.

By profession, I am a photographer and I'd always love clicking photographs of others. I've always used to click photographs of nature, animals and my family. I love creating memories. I feel that a photograph is the only thing that keeps memories of a person. Whether it’s a function or party or an event or a get-together photograph is something that makes you remember all things. It feels so beautiful when you look at the old picture and that one picture brings thousand of memories and flashbacks into your mind.

I love reading and collecting books too. I love reading biographies like Oprah Winfrey, Gandhi and etc. With the profession of the photographer, I also like to get being clicked. As per my profession, I get to travel a lot and I enjoy check into different places and cities.

I am looking for someone who can bring happiness into my life. Someone who is not boring because I cannot get along with boring people who just sit and speaks nothing. There are just simple things I want from my partner, a sense of humour, career-oriented, and honesty as I love being Bangalore call girls.

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Things go well, I go back to his place, and we start knocking the boots. He’s way more vocal than I’m used to, and he starts with the typical. I want to kiss you and choke you at the same time. I swears it’s the hottest thing anyone’s ever said to him but I wasn’t trying to be sexy Bangalore call girls, I just wanted him to stay put. We’d just start messing around and he go straight for his penis in my pussy. To see how wet I was. This incident almost had me cancel our date, he offered to come help with wine and clean up, but everything resolved itself and we go on our date.

I can make you kiss on neck and moan and be like I can’t wait to take you back to my house later. Don’t pretend you haven’t been dreaming about this Bangalore call girls all this time. You aren’t loving this… I can feel how wet you are … “Cry for more”

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